by Chris

our 2nd time out to TGMS (1st was 2012?)
me and Yasi were joined by Kate, Mike and Abby - a bigger crew than last time -
but missing show veterans Kusum and Gamini who were already on their way back to the East Bay.

we met them briefly along the 10 freeway
(Cottonwood Springs exit near Chiriaco Summit)

they had a good time - Kusum found lots of radioactive material
they gave us badges for the Holi-dome, leftovers (beef curry) and a bit of information on the local plants.

anyway a lucky start to our adventure!

this is where we stay

but first we head to Inn Suites

we stumbled upon petrified logs

and lots of fellow rock-hounds
trading information,

mining stories,

searching for the beautiful and unusual

these guys were looking through piles of opals from Ethiopia under the sunlight
their dog got loose and ran into the food stand

it was nice and hot
people relaxed in the shade of orange trees

and back at their rooms

this community spends about 2 weeks here i think.

Yasi didn't waste much time when we got here

we followed him to Carion Mineraux of Paris

he was looking for meteors

little bits of ones:

the 'Hammer of Thor'

one in a book at Rocks of Ages:

we made some new friends and saw lots of old ones..

like Paul Willam Bell

a connoisseur of rough diamonds
and early music

we also met John Greenfield (right) who makes sculptures inspired by the the microscopic geometric forms he sees in rocks -

and also straight from his imagination-

so cool!!

I was happy to see fellow Dead-heads at TGMS:

with pyromorphites in many kinds of green

here was a great exhibit at the Inn Suites:

Kate and I spent lots of time talking with them in their darkened hotel room
they were happy to talk about fluorescents

below is speckled cement from Franklin NJ
made before people knew what this material would do under UV light

Way Too Cool also sells small UV flashlights which, if you brought them to Franklin NJ at night, you could use to see the sidewalks glow!

or if you have $100,000

rooms at TGMS hotel shows are transformed as well

you almost can't tell at first that people are living in them

Great Basin Minerals has a lot of great before and after photos of their room setup from years past for example

Friday the Main Show began at the Tucson Convention Center -
we were there at 10am for John Koivula's talk on diamond inclusions
(theme for 2014: "60 Years of Diamonds, Silver and Gold")

John used lots of hand gestures to illustrate how these microscopic wonders form

and speaking of small things -
here's another John, a micromounter

micromounters trade or give each other these small specimens
i liked this little sliding microscope.

John led me down a hall into a little room where micromounters were drinking coffee and passing boxes around like these:

later Friday night, another phase of the gem show began -

at Tucson's Solar Culture Galactic Center with musician Steve Roach

there was a meditation cave

then after this the Park Detail's crew headed to another cave- about 45 min north of Tucson -

3 miles' hike under the full moon

we camped and made a second trip up to the cave in the morning with Mike and Abby -
but then sadly had to head home for work the next day.

until next year !

come visit Park Detail's Band at Gamini Ranatunga's booth at Executive Inn-
where we hope to have beautiful boxes to display minerals in, as well as Geiger Counters!